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The Cages We Build

The Cages We Build

We build our cages, brick by brick, layer by layer, lie after lie. We build our cages slowly over time, it starts with a lie.

We have an Outlook on the world, and we think the world has an opinion about us. What we have really done is created a paradigm, a construct, a cage if you will for our subconscious to live. We gave it limits we started the initial programming and then switched on autopilot. Preconceived ideas that we’re based on nothing but an assumption of someone else’s feelings about you.

What is the potential of human greatness? What is the potential of your greatness?

This is a message for humanity, not for a man or woman or black or white or asian. Those are labels, and labels are bullshit.

If you find your identity in a label your locked in a cage.

Take a minute and look inside yourself and ask am I my own problem? Am I holding myself back?

Turn on the flow and don’t be afraid to let it run free. Allow yourself to become who you need to be.

It’s time to tear down the cage. Only the architect of your cage can do this. Without them its impossible. The good news is the architect is you. The only way you can tear down the cage is to do the opposite of what it took to build it. For years you’ve lied to yourself saying things like I’m not smart enough, I’ll never have enough money for that, I’m not pretty enough, they think I’m an idiot, I cant find a job, I cant, I can’t, i won’t, im not……it ends here. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and thinking maybe this time it will be different.

Let start building a palace for our subconscious. It starts with two very powerful words. These words are the activators of the subconscious. When you say say them the subconscious must listen. They are the command line code disable autopilot and prepare for a new prime directive. “I am”